What is Pro Ecuador B2B?

PRO ECUADOR B2B is the first ecuadorian b2b platform developed by PRO ECUADOR and FromOzz to offer your producst online to the world. Just register, login and start selling your goods and services online 24 hours a day, all year round.

How does it work?


Gain access to international markets and more consumers.

Improve the quality of your service and be more competitive.

Reduce your delivery time and retail price.

Join now!


If you're a PRO ECUADOR user and have completed the "exporter route" you're ready to offer your products to the world using e-ecuador b2b

I want to export

If you're not a PRO ECUADOR User register now, attend our courses, finish the "exporter route" and you'll be ready to export your products.

I'm a buyer

Just register your company, wait for validation by your closest PRO ECUADOR commercial office and you'll be granted access to e-Ecuador.

Look who's in e-Ecuador


The service if free and you can upload up to 25 products. If you want to upload more products you can buy the premium plan
  • Free membership: you can upload up to 25 products.
  • Premium membership: Unlimited products.
Dont worry, you can make your own pictures. Use a white background and take pictures from different angles, then choose the best one. You will be able to replace them later with better quality pictures.
Use any courier you're already using or choose any company you prefer. We're working with several companies to offer e-ecuador users the most convenient shipping prices.
Only companies that have been validated by PRO ECUADOR will be able to register and search your products, e-Ecuador is a closed platform not available to the general public.
The payment method must be agreed between you and the buyer. e-ecuador will include payment methods online in the future.
No, sellers only can communicate with you if you contact them first.